Friday, December 26, 2008

This is only the beginning....

My life.

My life as I live it.
My life as I share it.

My name is Kristen Paige Terry.
When I was born, my mother wanted to name me Paige and my father, Kristen. I used to think the reason why my parents divorced was because they couldn’t agree on my name. (ie; my mother lost the argument, hence the middle name).
I was born six weeks premature. I like to think it was because I just had to get out and see the world. I couldn’t wait any longer to begin my expedition!
I was a very clumsy child. Clumsy combined with curious combined with a natural ability to be totally oblivious to my surroundings led me to many a visits to the hospital.
I voiced my hatred when my mother would make my Halloween costumes but now am so grateful she did as I recognize creativity always wins over store bought anything.
I like to jump in the puddles after it has rained. I actually prefer to do so while it is still raining.
I cry when watching movies with animals, especially ‘Homeward Bound’, ‘The Lion King’ & ‘Milo & Otis’.
I do not feel comfortable singing in the shower but will belt out tunes in my car. Even when people are watching.
I will give all that I have if someone is in need and would never expect anything in return.
I love my mom as she is my inspiration to just ‘be’. To still laugh and cry and act child-like (in the best possible way) even in her 50’s.
I know it is okay to not have an exact idea of where my life is headed. That is part of the adventure.
I like to pick my nose. I find it very gratifying and disgusting at the same time and will continue to do it.
I have many “minute-movies” that occupy much of my time. Some may call this day-dreaming.
Blueberries used to frighten me with their little pokey-protrusion but I quite like them now. Raspberries still scare me. The little hairs that poke about are quite frightening.
I get a little sad when I cut romaine lettuce & the pores start ‘oozing’. I feel like the plant is crying or bleeding. You never know, plants might have feelings too.
When I was younger, my neighbor had a pogo stick of which I was extremely jealous of. When my mother wouldn’t buy one for me I let my imagination take over & decided a shovel resembles a pogo stick (in the most rudimentary way possible) & that it would suffice. Hopping on a metal shovel + concrete = Not such a good idea.
I don’t like taking showers. I never have. (Note: I do take showers but if I can spread it out for an extra day or two- I’m very satisfied).
I do not like taking hot showers. Warm is good, sometimes cold is even better. I believe if you get out of a really hot shower, the air all around you is colder than your body temperature thus making you instantly cold when you step out.
I think cold water is a great cure for a hangover. (Jumping into a pool, lake, ocean, or shower will do wonders). Trust me.
I have mini-crushes on a lot of people. Some people I probably shouldn’t have such crushes on but I can’t help it.
I can eat an entire block of cheese by myself. I go through phases as to which cheese I prefer though. Some of my favorites are…. Pepperjack if I have Trisquits. Cambozola if I have water crackers. Buffalo Mozzarella if I have Tomatoes & Basil. Easy Cheese if I have Ritz crackers.
I like to make up my own words.
I grew up eating pot-pies, tater tots, Lunchables, bean & cheese burritos (the frozen/microwaveable ones), frito’s with chili & cheese, powdered donuts, chocolate donuts, ice cream, gummy candies and much more really unhealthy, over-processed foods. I sometimes wonder why I’m not morbidly obese.
I love to cook. But I hate to measure ingredients & read directions. I prefer to just “wing-it”. Sometimes it works, other times not so much.
One of my favorite past times as a child would be to play “restaurant”. ‘Restaurant’ could go either way. If you wanted to be just plain evil to friends/relatives we would concoct the most atrocious foods ever and convince whomever they HAD to eat it. But it worked both ways as I recall many a ‘gag-inducing’ foods concocted by my sister.
I love to dye my hair. It has been dyed many a colors of the rainbow & sometimes even colors that I don’t believe exist in nature. I’ve only had my hair professionally colored one time. It was expensive and it looked great. But it’s hair. I’ll stick with the $8.99 box of Clairol.
I don’t like the dentist. He is a mean mean man that likes to cause a lot of pain. I didn’t mind the orthodontist. At least he would distract me with color options for my braces.
I was a nerd. I would change the elastics on my braces to match the holiday for that month. (ie; Black and Orange for Halloween. Red, White & Blue for 4th of July. Green, Red & one Yellow for Christmas….the green tree, red lights and the one yellow star up top. )
I am easily entertained. VERY easily entertained. I could probably find joy out of looking at a blank wall for hours.
I was never the little girl who dreamed of a prince charming coming to rescue me. I didn’t even imagine what my wedding day would be like.
I once mashed up non-edible berries from a bush outside our house and gave myself a “facial” by slathering the berry-mixture all over my face. Seemed like a good idea until it started burning. Burning badly to the point the only thing that would stop the burn was toothpaste. I am forever indebted to Colgate Mint toothpaste (the gel kind).
I love my siblings. I don’t tell them this often & I should.
The 99 cent store might be in the top 10 favorite places to go. It is not smart of me to shop there as I am considered a “pack-rat” and will continuously purchase and add random items to my collection of “crap”. I admit that a lot of my “possessions’’ would be considered “crap” to some and I’m okay with that.
My first job was at Gap Kids & I think my hourly wage was in the $4.00 range. I thought I hit the jackpot when I would get my checks (which were always less than $100).
I think I’m done sharing for right now. Until next time…..

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