Thursday, August 20, 2009

A truly blessed day!!

Today is my birthday. My 28th! I am never big on celebrations for myself but will party till the cows come home for others. Don’t get me wrong….I love being the center of attention. But it’s more so that I love being the center of attention around complete strangers. When I am with friends I love to nurture & take care of them and rarely feel comfortable when the roles are reversed. Not to say I don’t appreciate the TLC, I just prefer it the other way around.

Which brings me to today. I was hesitant to make any plans for my birthday because when it comes down to it, it’s just another day. More than likely I will be calling my mom & dad on my birthday to thank them for supporting and giving me love the past 27 years. But, the amount of love I have received today from friends & family almost brings tears to my eyes. From phone calls to text-messages, e-mails, Facebook messages, morning cupcakes, surprise flowers, chocolate strawberries SHAPED like flowers, an amazing lunch, dessert, cards, well wishes, etc….(and the day isn’t over!!) all of you have gone far & beyond what I even thought was possible.

I seriously cannot even begin to explain how many of you have touched my life. I may have known you for a day, a year, 5 years, 10 years, even 20+ years…you all have made an impact on my life and for that I am forever grateful!!

I will see some of you today and some of you I won’t see but once a year and both are wonderful! A second I can spend with a friend who loves and cares about me is a second no one can take away. I will always have that moment. So to everyone who has made the first day of my 28th year a truly blessed day, I love you & can’t wait for what lies ahead.

Always and forever.


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